Goodyear Truck Tyre News Reveals Big Advancements In Technology


The latest edition of Truck Tyre News issued by Goodyear Dunlop has revealed huge advancements in tyre technology being spearheaded by the premium tyre manufacturer.

These developments include the companies first AA grade commercial tyre which based on the up coming EU tyre labelling regulations gets top marks for both wet braking and fuel efficiency.

The manufacturer has also unveiled its self inflating tyre system which allows Goodyear tyres to remain at optimum pressure without the need for external pumps or electronics.

As a key Goodyear Dunlop partner Truck Tyre Solutions is well placed to help customers in choosing the right product for them, and these developments in technology from Goodyear provide a number of new benefits to customers which will help to control costs across their fleets.

Full information and the Goodyear Truck Tyre Newsletter can be found online.

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