Fleet Management


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Fleet checks form the foundation of any tyre management service as they are used to determine the condition of the rubber across your fleet, and to identify and rectify any problems.

Our fleet checks are carried out by trained tyre technicians on a regular basis to suit your needs. This is usually every 4 to 6 weeks, but in some cases it may vary.

Our fleet check programme can be built around you to ensure that we capture as much or as little information as you like including:

Remaining Tread Depth
Brand & Pattern

During the fleet check our trained staff will not only be looking to identify defects but also any opportunities for service work in order to prolong the life of your tyres and save you money. Service work includes:

Turn On Rims
Wheel Swaps
Minor & Major Repairs
Fitting Of Customers Own Property

A well serviced fleet not only benefits from reduced costs due to the prolonged tyre life achieved, but also benefits from reduced downtime as defects are caught and rectified on site as opposed to causing problems at the roadside.


As part of our fleet management service Truck Tyre Solutions offers on site servicing to customer's during business hours.

This flexible service can be built around your business in order to ensure that a fully qualified tyre fitter is in attendance when vehicles are available in order to rectify any defects that have been identified.

This service helps to reduce your costs as all works can be carried out on site at the same time. Many fleets who have gone without tyre management will be well aware of the dangers of incurring large bills at the roadside when defects are missed on site and cause problems when it's too late.

Our aim is to replace a tyre only when it is absolutely necessary, and this service as part of our tyre management package goes towards helping us achieve this by significantly prolonging tyre life across your fleet.


Truck Tyre Solutions deal with a number of casing collectors and retreaders across the UK to provide a flexible casing management service to our customers based on their needs. We are able to offer our customers a range of services including:

Casing Reports
Casing Disposal
Casing Banks

The casing collectors and retreader agents that we currently deal with include:

A casing bank allows you to utilise any reusable tyre casings removed from your fleet by having them retreaded and refitted to your vehicles if applicable once they have been assessed by a trained examiner.

For those customers who do not accept retreaded products on their fleet it is also possible to have casings independently assessed by a trained examiner. All intact casings are subject to a casing credit, whilst those which are in a defective condition are subject to a disposal charge. We can work with you to help obtain these casing credits through an independent provider, and our tyre management service helps to ensure that your casings are removed at the very end of their life in good condition.


For further assistance please call us, and we will be more than happy to help.