Casing Management

Truck Tyre Solutions deal with a number of casing collectors and retreaders across the UK to provide a flexible casing management service to our customers based on their needs.

We are able to offer our customers a range of services including:

  • Casing Reports
  • Casing Disposal
  • Casing Banks

The casing collectors and retreader agents that we currently deal with include:

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A casing bank allows you to utilise any reusable tyre casings removed from your fleet by having them retreaded and refitted to your vehicles if applicable once they have been assessed by a trained examiner.

For those customers who do not accept retreaded products on their fleet it is also possible to have casings independently assessed by a trained examiner. All intact casings are subject to a casing credit, whilst those which are in a defective condition are subject to a disposal charge. We can work with you to help obtain these casing credits through an independent provider, and our tyre management service helps to ensure that your casings are removed at the very end of their life in good condition.