Wheel Alignment


Truck Tyre Solutions are able to offer a mobile commercial wheel alignment service in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

Poor alignment can be responsible for both irregular and shoulder wear on commercial vehicle tyres which in turn reduces the life span of your tyres. Further to this incorrect wheel alignment can lead to an increase in fuel consumption and with ongoing rises in the cost of petrol and diesil this can add extra expense to every journey you make therefore lowering your margins.

For more information or to request a truck wheel alignment in Birmingham or the surrounding area please don’t hesitate to call us and we will be happy to help.

We are also able to either service or replace tyres on site which have been affected by incorrect wheel alignment. Truck Tyre Solutions strive to ensure that tyres are only placed when absolutely necessary and as such our fully trained technicians will always look to recut or turn a tyre on the rim where possible.