The recutting or regrooving of a tyre can add valuable millimetres of tread which result in more miles and better value for money.

tyre management - regrooving

By monitoring your tyres through our regular fleet check programme we are able to ensure that the highest possible proportion of tyres on your fleet are regrooved in order to obtain maximum tyre life because of effective tyre management.

Tyres should ideally be regrooved when they have 3 – 5 millimetres of tread remaining. This leaves enough rubber on the tyre to recut it safely. With less tread there is a higher risk that the recutting blade will cut through to the base rubber and to the cords, which in turn can damage the tyre.

Depending on vehicle type your truck tyres can be recut irregardless of whether they are on:

  • Steer Axle
  • Life Axle
  • Drive Axle
  • Tag Axle

It is however not advisable to place a recut tyre onto a steer axle, so based on tyre size and vehicle configuration the recut tyre can either be swapped with another position on the same or another vehicle or it can be stored as a COP casing which can be refitted to an appropriate vehicle within the fleet at a later date.

Not all brands of tyre are regroovable, and our tyre fitters will inspect the tyre for the appropriate markings whilst also checking it for visible signs of damage which may mean that the tyre requires repair or replacement as it may not be safe to recut.

Different brands and patterns must be recut in different ways, and as such manufacturers will provide information on how a specific tyre should be regrooved. This should only ever be carried out by a trained technician.