Truck tyre retreads provide an effective way of reducing your tyre spend on both unit and trailer.

Remould Tyres Birmingham

Retreads can either purchased direct from Truck Tyre Solutions as new or through a casing bank, which utilises a customer’s suitable end of life tyre casings in order to manufacture retreads and supply them at a process only price.

This is possible because the retread manufacturer with whom your casing bank is held gets the casings directly from you, rather than purchasing them from a 3rd party and therefore has a reduced manufacturing cost.

The retreading process involves a stringent casing examination process by which end of life tyres are graded according to their condition. All suitable tyres are then sent for remoulding.

There are two main types of remould available:

  • Top Cap

A top cap remould essentially has a new section of tread heat cured on to the casing. The original casing along with its branding is still visible as only the tread section has been replaced by the manufacturer.

  • Bead to Bead

Casings that are use to create bead to bead remoulds are no longer visible. The whole casing including tread and sidewall is used to build the newly remoulded tyre. Only the branding of the remould manufacturer should be visible.

It is not recommended to use remoulded tyres on steering axles in the majority of circumstances. However they can be used on both drive axles and on trailers if they are suited to your operating conditions.

Truck Tyre Solutions deal with a range of retreaders to ensure that our services can be tailored directly to your needs. If you would like to know more about casing management and remoulding or if retreads are suitable for your fleet we will be happy to help.