Turn On Rim


Firenza truck tyre

A turn on rim is when a tyre is demounted and refitted after being turned around so that the inner and outer lanes of tread are effectively swapped over.

This is carried out for a number of reasons, all of which serve to prolong the life of the tyre in order to obtain maximum value for money. The reasons for turning a tyre on the rim include:

Sidewall Scuffing or Minor Damage
Irregular or Sloped Wear
Shoulder Wear

During a fleet check our fully trained tyre technicians will look for signs of the above, and advise where a turn on rim is required in order to avoid premature tyre replacement.

A tyre which is showing signs of sloped wear for example can actually wear level again once turned on its rim as the faster wear on one side eventually serves to bring the tread depths back in to line.

Turning a tyre on the rim can also help to improve your end of life casing value as part of your casing management policy.

Most of the conditions which lead to a turn on rim being carried out are caused simply due to operating conditions, but can also be a sign of other problems including misaligned wheels. Truck Tyre Solutions can work with you to rectify these problems, and advise how they can be avoided in future.